I ask the stars when he suppressed …
the meaning of life that we passed.
hatred that never dry up.
lost all, you are where the gods.
THE no restrained anger ..
hatred sky is black .. in the name of love and hope that sinking ..
I rise and I believe ..!

handful of hope that never surrender ..!
I continue to survive until the end!
Hear hear, we are all different!
I never step on you.

clearly see the pain in my eyes!
dark pass along the road. !
, and he went further
I reminded my breath until it ends.

superseded the sins of the world. the sun will shine.
in the name of love and hope that sinking!
I rise and I believe ..!

we pressed soon forgotten
cornered and speechless
people who revere the thinking …
a narrow and boring
.. I will shout to broken glass scattered
I lift the glass we .. I sing
track their opponent’s resistance.

Hey you are injured
because you are different
never surrender destroyed grief
together we now
get opponent world …
running to the morgue and their solution

I began this day with a smile …
Get me this day with the smile …
I enjoy this day with a smile …
and I will end with a smile ..